Lions also the evil of Carré

In the Tantzanian Serengeti National Park, 60 lions affected by Carré's disease have died this year, a third of the reserve.

In the Tantzanian Serengeti National Park, 60 lions have died this year, one third of the reserve. The cause of these deaths is a virus that young dogs suffer. The sick lion begins to balance as if it were drunk, contracts the nerves of the face and suffers convulsions. These symptoms also occur in dogs and wolves when they have the evil of Carré and in autopsies made in Serengeti it has been proven that lions have died affected by this disease.

How has the disease first passed the species of lions? And what animals has contaminated the park lion? Has there been any dog nearby? Max J.G. The virologist Appel wants to isolate and clone the virus to decide whether it is a mutant. It is possible that the virus has always been there and that lately some mutation has caused the disease.

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