Dead Sea, deepening in depression

The Dead Sea, in addition to having the saltest water in the world, has the honor of having the greatest depression. What's more, XX. According to the measurements made in the twentieth century, it is increasingly deeper: In 1930 it was 390 m from the Mediterranean level and in 1999 geologists saw it descend to 414 m.

Through the observations made by the satellites ERS-1 and ERS-2 of the ESA in the period 1992-1999, this phenomenon has been better analyzed and know that the speed of deepening is increasing. In fact, the level of Mar?­a dropped 6 meters in that period.

In addition, according to Israeli and American geologists, Dead Sea water is disappearing, so porous stones at the bottom of the region are drying up. Consequently, it seems that they will not be able to withstand for a long time the weight of the rocks that surround them and there is danger of sinking.

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