The same printer for fax and photocopier

Kyocera has replaced its fax/photocopying partner with a single device. It has been called “Kyofax” and has two technologies.

It is estimated that half of the documents currently sent between companies are transmitted by fax. In faxes, normally, the document is printed on thermal paper, and then photocopies are often extracted to have more units, distribute and save them. However, this work has its impediment. On the one hand, the original received by fax is usually not of good quality, and on the other, the thermal paper is not comfortable for use in the hands (since it has been roll). That is why it is necessary to make photocopies of faxes every day and that has cost.

Kyocera, however, has replaced the fax/photocopying duo with a single device. It has been called “Kyofax” and has two technologies. On the one hand, it has a powerful and autonomous telecoping module and, on the other, an autonomous printing engine (with all the characteristics of laser printers).

The “Kyofax” device can receive and store faxes thanks to integrated memory, even if the PC is already connected is off. Take out the fax so received as many copies as you want, but it can also be used as a classic printer.

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