Mrs. Ilargi

Galarraga Aiestaran, Ana

Elhuyar Zientzia

We talk about the exploitation of the Moon in favorable lines. The truth is that it is not a new idea and it has been an opportunity that the classics of science fiction and the precursors of astronautics have mentioned word by word. Is it lawful for us? We will encounter two extreme opinions. On the one hand, those mentioned above consider it logical and normal. There where man has come as he has done over millennia and try to make a living. It seems a natural law.

On the other hand, many should know that the Moon and the rest of the stars have been studied but that we should not exploit them. The stars would be space antarctica. What has brought us the evolution of the universe, without touching it or staining it, must be left at the time it is, so that future generations can also know it in its original form.

I find myself closer to the first position. The human being has to go to the Moon, Mars or whatever, use the local resources and take out the means of life, whenever possible. We must focus on the environment and sustainable development must be the basis of the Moon.

Welcome to the colonies of the Moon.

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