Europe as a HD television driver

The recent EVD summit in Edinburgh has approved an investment of fourteen billion pesetas to promote HD television across Europe. Approved planning aims to agitate all HD television environments.

France has been the main driver of this idea and precisely the HDTV standard of the French company Thomson, HD-MAC, aims to become a standard system worldwide.

The consumption of this standard is 400 W.h, which is four times more than the consumption of current TVs. Over the next fifteen years, 500 million HD televisions are expected to be sold. If you look at these figures, the electricity consumption by the use of new appliances will be 164 TW-S, which means about half of the electricity consumption in Britain.

Most of the electricity is generated from the combustion of fossil fuels and, as is known, it generates the main carbon dioxide responsible for the greenhouse effect.

At the same time, EVD is increasingly demanding in all its environmental programmes. Thus, HD television consumption contrasts with environmental plans. Therefore, although green light has been given to HD television, it has also been given the condition of green product.

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