Working on one of the largest tombs in Egypt

Working on one of the largest tombs in Egypt
01/06/2009 | Elhuyar
(Photo: Newfoundland)

A research team formed by experts from Newfoundland in Bilbao and Testing in Madrid, explores with a georradar all the cavities of one of the largest tombs in western Thebes (Luxor, Egypt), the tomb of Monthemhat.

This geophysical technique allows to obtain a complete profile of the terrain. It emits high frequency electromagnetic waves to the material to be analyzed that cross the material. The signals that are obtained inform of material changes up to 30 meters depth, drilling mouths and other particularities. This technique has several advantages in archaeological works: it is not intrusive and is economic and fast.

They look for the hidden rooms of the tomb to find the fourth prophet of Ammon and the sarcophagus of the former Egyptian governor.

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