BMJ denounces lack of experts in covid-19

Galarraga Aiestaran, Ana

Elhuyar Zientzia

BMJ denounces the exclusion of women in the COVID-19 crisis. Ed. World Health Organization

We all lose the opinions of women experts when they are not heard, according to the Gender Diversity Group of the British Medical Journal. According to him, COVID-19 has highlighted the existing gender discrimination in society and medicine and academia are no exceptions.

The group has denounced that women have been marginalized in speeches and decisions, in research and in lighting, providing data that demonstrate this. For example, in the world, women account for more than 70% of health personnel and, however, in the World Health Organization's covid-19 Emergency Commission (WHO)%. In many countries, this percentage is further reduced in emergency response groups: 16% in China, 10% in the US and 0% in Italy.

Likewise, men have imposed themselves on research on covid-19 and journals have also published mostly their work. The Panel considers that the urgency of publication has led to the elimination of existing discrimination. And he says it clearly: if no specific measures are taken, crises create conditions to support men.

The BMJ team believes that the rejection of women amounts to confronting the covid-19 tied behind one hand, and has vindicated the need to promote attitudes that recognize the female discourse. Otherwise, key views are lost and there is a risk of perpetuating or increasing inequalities.

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