Flat Speakers Flat Speakers

Since the speakers were invented they have been modified and advanced a lot, but there is one thing that has not changed: they still have a large volume. Although the radiocasetas and the compacts are quite inferior to those of yesteryear, the speakers are still large and many times we can not guess where to place us, both in the aesthetic and in relation to the sound quality. Many times we have thought that the ideal would be to get into the wall or furniture, but it is not easy. Now, a British company has marketed flat speakers.

Although in the last 30 years many sessions have been held, they always lost sound quality, but with these new speakers have managed to overcome this problem. They say the sound diffuses very evenly and does not lose another volume as it moves away, so it would be very suitable for stations, airports and other public places. At home, of course, they can be adapted almost everywhere. At the moment, the company has received 50 license applications from other companies and its shares have risen by 400%. It seems to be a good invention.

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