They demonstrate the volcanic activity of Venus.

Galarraga Aiestaran, Ana

Elhuyar Zientzia

Model made from old images, which reflects the volcano's growth. Ed. NASA/JPL-CALTECH

A review of radar data received by NASA's Magellanic probe in its complaint has confirmed that, in eight months, there were changes in the behavior and use of the volcanic fireplace. They've done it in Science.

These geological changes were located in the area called Atla Regio, near the equator of Venus. That's where the two largest volcanoes on the planet are: Ozza and Maat. For many years it has been believed that there was volcanic activity in this area, but the images did not have the right quality and prospects to draw conclusions. Now, from the images, they have created models that corroborate the suspicion that in eight months the size of the fireplace doubled and the interior was filled with lava.

The authors of the study participate in the Veritas mission. The mission will start in 10 years and aims to analyze vulcanism and the geological evolution of Venus.


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