Artist looking for bride

Manakin females do not choose any pair. He does not look at the good of the male or the status: on the contrary, they persecute the great singer and dancer. According to researchers at the University of Florida, manaquino courtship customs, which inhabits the mountains of Costa Rica, are one of the rarest of birds.

In order to attract the female, the male manakin begin to sing. It seems that the female wants Manakin's song to be round and if the tone is not well coordinated, our singer will be alone.

When the female approaches, however, does not finish the work of the male session, since then comes the dance. As Emea is an expert dance critic, she will follow in great detail the steps and, at least if she likes to see it, she will choose between couples. If you like it, the female will choose the oldest, who when she dies will join the second candidate.

The researchers have realized that the best singers are the ones who survive the most and are also the best dancers. They are certainly true artists.

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