PowerCard IPS: No fear of power outages

Alcatel/Ibertel distributes the PowerCard system. The operation of the PowerCard system is very simple. The program in charge of the management of the information remains in interrupted.

The interruption of the electrical current causes in many cases the loss of information, so it is not surprising that users of computers are afraid. Until recently thinking about the Uninterrupted Power System was to think of a large device and at a high price, but thanks to advances in microinformatics today you can get advantages at an acceptable price.

Alcatel/Ibertel distributes the PowerCard system. It is a set of hardware software that offers autonomy to store information when power is interrupted. Once the problem is resolved, the system software allows to recover and restart the work at the same point where it was abandoned.

The operation of the PowerCard system is very simple. The information management program remains in memory even if the current is interrupted. When this happens, he takes control of the system, pulls out a copy of the information he was recording on the hard drive and saves where the user was in the program. When things get normal it will be enough for the machine to restart, re-controlling the PowerdCard software by telling the user that there is a copy of the information and asking if you want to recover it. Then the system will resume the work it left, starting with the same point it remained.

The installation of PowerCard is very simple and the price is not so high, 59,900 ptas. if we take into account the security it offers.

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