Anti-mucus molecule

Biologists create a molecule that prevents obstruction of the airways during an investigation with asthmatic mice. They believe that this molecule can contribute in the future to the treatment of human beings.

The MANS peptide has been used with mice with symptoms of molecular asthma. The mucus production of mice is multiplied by five due to exposure to allergenic elements and respiratory vessels increase. By passing the peptide 15 minutes before the asthma crisis, they have managed to avoid the leakage of mucus.

Currently drugs are used to relax the respiratory vessels, but not to reduce the flow of mucus. Therefore, the new molecule can be an additional element in the treatment of asthma.

However, they will still have to analyze the possible side effects, they do not know what effect the peptide has on cells other than the formation of mucus. In addition, since only mucus leak is avoided, they must observe the consequences of the advance of mucus production inside the cells.

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