Mobile vs Cancer: An Endless Story

This is what comes from the moment we start seeing in all the streets: Does the mobile phone generate cancer? Studies have been conducted on the influence that radio waves emitting these modern telephones have on our body, but it does not seem that they have determined something. On this occasion, the news comes from Germany. Apparently, a group of researchers from Essen has discovered the relationship between phone and eye cancer.

To carry out the research, 118 patients with melanoma were analyzed in a certain ocular membrane. According to the researchers, these patients most often used mobile phones and other radio emitting devices than other 475 healthy people.

However, some scientists have criticized these results and denounced the use of poor research techniques. They consider that without determining the degree of radiation of the people investigated it is impossible to launch serious results.

In addition, this melanoma is very rare, only some of every 100,000 inhabitants have it, so they say that people don't have to worry. If we had to start to worry about all the research that is published... We would stay!

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