The Earth weighs

The earth, our planet, weighs like lovers of eating well. Every year 30,000 tons of cosmic waste fall to the earth's surface. This is what the Soviet researchers at the Joffe Institute in Leningrad claim. The Necn-20 isotope content of the sea-basin sludge has been analyzed to reach this data. Of course, this isotope does not exist on the ground.

As a reference, the Soviet Lunnik tandas have taken samples of stones collected on the moon. Every 1000 years, 1 mm of deep sea sludge is deposed. Thus, according to Leningrad researchers, 100 kg of marine mud must contain 1 g of cosmic dust. Following the data, in the 4 eons of Earth's geological history (1 eon = 1 billion years) it has collected a tenth of its mass of cosmic matter. Covering the entire surface of the ground would form a layer of 25 cm.

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