IST 99: The Information Society

At the general assembly to be held in Helsinki from 22 to 24 November, the Directorate of the European Commission (IST), in charge of the Information Society, will try to answer the following questions: How will the future impact of IT in our daily lives be? What will be the main changes in these technologies? How can new jobs and businesses be created with these technologies? Could they be used to improve the standard of living of society, overcoming the physical limits of people?

Experts from across Europe have been invited to this congress to discuss the latest developments around the Information and Technology Society, such as new applications, legal frameworks, regulations, job creation, new business activities and increased competitiveness. In addition to expert conferences, seminars will be held on topics of interest such as globalization, education, youth, the world of work, the elderly and the disabled, international cooperation, health, quality of life, etc.

The IST General Congress website is

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