Trying to clarify the origin of the human being

It has managed to isolate the DNA from a skeleton discovered in northern Melbourne. The skeleton is 15,000 years old, so it is the oldest human DNA that has been isolated.

According to Alain Thorne, from the prehistoric department of the National University of Australia, in Canberra: This discovery will confirm the different theories developed to unravel Australian origin.

According to some scientists, the origin of Australians is a group from Indonesia 40,000 to 50,000 years ago. Others, including Thorne, say that today's Aborigines have their origin in groups of people from China or Southeast Asia and from different eras.

In addition, Thorne underlines the idea that isolated DNA also explains the origin of the human being. It is known that there are two main theories about the origin of the human being. According to one, Africa was the place where man was founded and, according to the other, it arose simultaneously in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Together with Thorne Tom Loy and other scientists work. Using a technique investigated by Tom Loy, small portions of mitochondrial DNA have been extracted from the skeletal skull and subsequently amplified the DNA chain.

The next step will be to sequence the DNA string and compare it to other human DNA. Therefore, we hope that we will soon be able to know these investigations.

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