Not for surfaces, mainly transmitted by SARS-CoV-2a aerosols

Galarraga Aiestaran, Ana

Elhuyar Zientzia

Ed. Alexandra_Koch, Pixabay

Based on the evidence so far, the scientific journal Nature has published an article on the web that has confirmed that the main form of transmission of the virus SARS-COV-2 is the inhalation of drops and aerosols from the respiratory tract. He also recalled that, although in principle it is not possible, it is very rare that it is spread through viruses that can exist on surfaces and objects.

However, a year ago everything was unknown and, in case, strict protocols of cleaning and disinfection were established, and most organizations advise a frequent cleaning of the objects and surfaces that are still in contact. However, to stop the transmission of the virus, it would be much more effective to direct efforts and resources to improve ventilation.

According to the article, the RNA of the virus can remain long on objects and surfaces. Thus, at first, the detection in the places where outbreaks have occurred made scientists think that it could be an important transmission pathway. But RNA itself does not produce infections. And that all coronavirus remains in objects and surfaces does not mean that it has the ability to infect a person and penetrate his cells. Even if they touch them, if they do not carry them to the mouth or to the eyes, they will hardly become infected.

However, it cannot be discarded at all, and they continue in many places with strict protocols of cleanliness, but the washing of hands and non-contact with the face can be enough not to be infected with possible viruses in surfaces and objects.

The article clearly says: “People are worrying, not surfaces.” In fact, the phenomenon of superpollutants, one of the characteristics of covid-19, is related to agglomerations and little ventilation. Avoiding stacking, wearing mask, being outdoors or in well-ventilated places and keeping the distance from others are the most effective measures.

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