The killer fly disappears

According to Patrick Cunningham of NO, in the last six months the peasants of Libya have found no trace of murderous fly.

The fly killed 12,000 animals in Libya last year, it can be considered missing.

If the extension of this fly was not interrupted, 70 million animals from North Africa would be in grave danger and also those from Southern Europe and Asia.

According to Patrick Cunningham of the UNO (United Nations), in the last six months Libyan farmers have found no trace of killer fly. Tracing the story, saying that the fly arrived in Libya in summer 1988 from South America. At that time, 50 million dollars were given to end the fly. It was then that the planning of creating and releasing sterile males by irradiation was invented and then succeeded. When the males joined the females, it was thought that no flies would be created from the eggs laid by the latter.

Almost 40,000 square kilometers of Libya were polluted and in this area 40 million flies were released every week.

If the current situation is hopeful, the Government of Libya will end the problem in the summer of next year.

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